The mission of Robbins Review is to assist our clients in attaining professional growth by delivering high quality LEED v4 test preparation.

Step #1: Video Mini-Lesson

The video mini-lessons are on-demand and can be viewed through the Robbins Review Course Management System. This section is the “information download” step. Video mini-lessons are no more than 10 minutes long and give you a high-level overview of what you will learn, read, and practice in each class.

Step #2: Guided Reading Workbook

There is no way around it; to prepare for a test, you have to read the material. Each class has readings. As you read, you will answer questions, complete statements, and fill-in graphic organizers in the Robbins Review Workbook. Actively reading ensures you are making the most of your time.

Step #3: Activity

Each activity is designed to be engaging, but the main goal is to help you internalize and remember what you have watched and read so far. Making connections and having practice is key to memorizing concepts and applying ideas.

Step #4: Practice Quiz

When preparing for a multiple-choice test, you need to practice taking a multiple-choice test. Practice quizzes will simulate the computer-based LEED v4 test. The results from this quizes will help you better understand your level of mastery.